Growing Your Business With Lawn Posting Signs

Posted by John Disbrow on February 17, 2022  /   Posted in Featured

If you have a small enterprise targeting local clients, you shouldn’t drain the marketing budget on audiences unlikely to visit your storefront. Online marketing and TV ads may work for businesses with unique products and global markets but lawn posting signs can also improve revenue. While they may seem old-fashioned, they play a crucial role in local marketing and have many other perks.

Here’s an overview of growing your business using signposts erected on your lawn.

1.     Save More Money on Advertising

Advertising is expensive, primarily if you pursue classic approaches like TV, radio, and newspapers. Online marketing is significantly cheaper but demands comprehensive optimization, content strategy, campaigns, influencer incentives, and more. Lawn signs are inexpensive marketing options with few requirements.

All you need is an attractive design to communicate the offer and brand. Once installed in place, the posting signs can last several years with minimal maintenance. They are also cheaper to replace, redesign, and upgrade. Investing in lawn posting signage will drastically cut your advertising costs and suit businesses with slim marketing budgets.

No monthly or annual subscriptions are necessary when using signs. They won’t replace online marketing, PPC ads, and radio commercials but have unique cost-saving perks unavailable with other options. All you need is quality materials and custom designs if your branding is consistent. Posting signs can be reused and will last for as long as the materials are durable.

2.     Spread Business/Brand Awareness

Lawn posts offer an opportunity to spread brand awareness across your target areas. The signs can be as big as possible, complete with your business logo, colors, messages, values, and other marketing information. Don’t limit yourself to one sign at your business location. You can leverage thoroughfares across town and lawns of happy customers.

It’s easier to forget brands online because there are thousands of them and the logos aren’t as conspicuous. A properly designed lawn posting sign is almost impossible to miss. Anyone passing through the landscape will get a clear view of the sign and what it communicates. Posts are also easier to remember and can provide a geographical reference point.

3.     Target High-Value Audience

Posting signs are mainly for marketing the business to local audiences. People who see your signs are more likely to visit if interested. You can’t say the same about TV, radio, and online ads. Even with local SEO, you’ll still attract many customers who are miles away. Many people aren’t ready to travel long distances pursuing products available locally.

Using posting signs results in leads with higher conversion rates. Local customers will see the signs every day they live within your community. This increased exposure to your brand can result in future sales because customers live close enough to visit your business. Posting signs are also a conversation starter and excellent for spreading information via word-of-mouth.

Designing Lawn Posting Signs

The benefits of lawn posting signage are evident and straightforward, especially for businesses targeting local customers. You’ll still need to design an attractive logo and brand with valuable products/services. Since 1998, TurfSigns has helped companies create engaging and effective posting signs for your storefront lawns and other landscapes. We also cover all our printing in-house and offer competitive pricing.

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