TURFSIGNS™ – Innovative Custom Marketing Posting Chemical Application Signs




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OUR TURFSigns are printed on 22pt thick Poly Board full color both sides. We also use a special uv on both sides to give it an extra glossy look. Our uv coating is formulated to be able to write on the signs on both sides!

Chemical application signs/ Posting Signs are mandated by law in most states. Most states require that a sign no smaller than 5×4 inches be left in a a lawn after pesticide or fertilizer has been applied. You have to put these signs out so why not use it as a marketing piece? We feel that this is a perfect opportunity to promote your business with a turf signs.

TURF SIGNS™ allow you to transform the nuisance cost of pesticide signs into an affordable marketing tool that works. Don’t leave behind an ugly small pesticide application sign, leave a custom turf sign to promote your lawn service.

Our sign are the best in the industry. Our pesticide application signs are customized to promote your company and give you the image of quality work, artfully designed buy our in-house graphic designers, who can turn a design proposal around in 24 hours for your approval. Our team can also incorporate your current company logo into the design, if you desire. The TURF SIGNS are made to last and bring your brand alive. We can guarantee you the best price on these mini billboards, printed on thick, durable poly board, and guaranteed to withstand the elements far longer than standard chemical application notices.

Call us today to get started marketing your company, affordable marketing tool available in the lawn care industry. You’ll be amazed at how quickly word spreads as well-placed turf signs begin to generate conversation throughout the neighborhood. Sales leads will skyrocket, all through word-of-mouth marketing. Most orders for our custom chemical application signs can be designed, printed, die-cut, and shipped to your door anywhere in the U.S. in as little as two weeks.


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