What Should Go on a Lawn Posting Sign?

Posted by John Disbrow on January 31, 2022  /   Posted in Featured

Lawns are well maintained for recreational activities like schoolyards, golf courses, and parks. There are three types of ground: residential, public, and commercial. Before applying pesticides on these turfs, you must place lawn posting signs in your yard to warn the public. These signs ensure you will not endanger the lives of people and pets after you use pesticides. 

1. Attention or Danger

Whenever you find the sign “attention” or “danger,” it means a no-go zone. You will be warning people not to access the area past the lawn post sign. Imprint the words in bold letters and ensure they appear at the beginning of the post. The prints should be legible to anyone reading them from far away.

This warning can be used on lawns near a big swamp, cliff, or areas where there’s a hole in the ground. If the area has dangerous animals such as snakes, a disclaimer should be posted on the sign, too.

2. Date and Time of Application

Notice of the date and time of pesticide application must be posted. Indicate the period the chemical will require to dry for people to re-enter the zone. Also, ensure you place the time frame of the pesticide application on the sign.

3. Brand or Name of Pesticide

Always let the public know what pesticide or chemicals you will use and, if possible, the registration number. Including such information on your signs will assure anyone that comes near the property that you use approved chemicals. 

4. Chemical Type

Post the brand name of the chemical you are using on your lawn signs, whether a fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, et cetera. Excess use of chemicals can be harmful to the environment and therefore the reason why you should disclose.

5. Name of Applicator

Add the applicator’s name on the post sign, whether this is your business name or the name of the person that made the application. Include the phone number of the business or the applicator. 

6. Special Instructions

You could have some unique information about the lawn or the signs you want your customer to note. Mention this information to the lawn sign developer and be as clear with the message as possible.

7. Keep Out or No Entry

Words of caution should appear at the bottom of the lawn posting sign and in large bold print that people can see while at a distance. Use short and compelling wording to attract the eye of passersby.

For best legibility, use contrast colors like yellow or black on white background. Post your signs at conspicuous spots where people will see them. Also, acquire approved licenses that allow you to carry out pesticide applications on applicable laws. Ensure that the signs face the entry of the lawn and remove it after the expiry of the notice.

Why Lawn Posting Signs?

Lawn posting signs are essential for businesses because you build your portfolio by advertising your service and products. Having the signs also means you will operate within the law by warning people about harmful chemicals.

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