Creative, Eye-Catching Lawn Care Logos from TurfSigns





Lawn care logos don’t have to be boring pictures of green grass or a shrubbery. At TurfSigns, our talented in-house artists take great pride in developing creative, eye-catching works of art to grace our lawn flags, which we call TurfSigns. Even if you already have a company logo that you like, our artists are ready and able to adapt it to the TurfSigns format, which is designed to be as compelling as possible for anyone who happens to see the sign posted in a treated yard.

How do TurfSigns make the most of the lawn care logos we design? First, the size. No matter how recognizable your company’s logo might be in the geographical area you serve, it won’t do any good to put it on the sign if potential customers can’t see it from the street or sidewalk. TurfSigns present your logo and advertising message (including contact information) in such a way that it can’t be missed. Second, the design. Novelty attracts attention, and TurfSigns are definitely novel. For instance, it’s not every day you see an alien’s head or a caped super hero decorating a lawn. That’s something future customers are sure to remember when they need your services.

These innovative posting signs are:

  • Printed on both sides in full color
  • Die-cut on 8 1/2×11-inch sheets of durable, weather-resistant polyboard
  • Mounted on specially designed sign stakes that are taller and stronger than typical wire or flimsy plastic step stakes

To learn more about how TurfSigns utilizes attractive, colorful lawn care logos to full effect in a word-of-mouth marketing campaign, contact us today.

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