How to Promote Pest Control Services with Lawn Posting Signs

Posted by John Disbrow on December 28, 2021  /   Posted in Featured

The pest control business is a competitive market. You worked hard to earn the required certifications and licensing to start your business. Now it’s time to grow your company into the successful venture you always knew it could be. You know that a good marketing strategy is necessary, but where do you start? Using pest control signs is one simple and inexpensive way to reach the customers who need your service.

Best Practices for Placing Yard Signs

Before you start putting up signs around town, make sure you know the laws regarding commercial yard signs. Not only do regulations vary by state, but they can also vary by city and by neighborhood. The following is only a partial list of the questions you need to clarify before placing your signs on public property:

  • Do you need a permit?
  • Are there size regulations?
  • What are the measurement restrictions on placement (how many feet from a public park or cemetery, etc.)?

Never post a sign on private property if you haven’t received permission. When the property owner does give the okay, follow these tips to make sure you remain welcome:

  • Keep signs out of walkways and other high-traffic areas
  • Stand signs straight up and plant them firmly. Signs that continually fall over are not only useless advertising, they will probably be thrown away by the property owner
  • Spread them out neatly, placing one sign every 600 feet or so
  • Drive by the area after placing signs to make sure no trees or bushes are blocking drivers from seeing them

Always ask customers if you can place a yard sign on their property during servicing. It’s also a good idea to speak with surrounding neighbors to let them know you’ll be working in the area for a few days. Ask if they would be willing to let you display a lawn sign in their yard as well. Even if they say no they will remember who to call if they need pest control services.

Getting the Most from Your Pest Control Signs

There’s a reason you see so many yard signs during election seasons—they get noticed! Follow these helpful tips to get the best return on your lawn signs.

Invest in Good-Quality Signs

All marketing strategies need time to be effective. Purchasing cheap signs that tear or fade within a few weeks is nothing but a waste of money.  Most people will pass by your signage several times before taking notice or before realizing they need pest control services. When the moment finally comes, your signs need to be clear and legible.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get lawn signs that will endure the elements for a reasonable amount of time. However, you also don’t want to go with the least expensive option if they’re going to need frequent replacement.

Keep Your Message Simple

Remember, most people who see your signs will be driving by in a car. They don’t have time to stop and read a lot of information. Depending on the speed limit where your signs are posted, potential customers may have only seconds to absorb the information. For the best results, keep your advertisement short and easy to read.

Keep Signs Uniform

Select a design and stick with it. Using different colors, font styles, or sizes on signs for the same service/company gets in the way of brand recognition. Repetition of a logo and design across all markets gets your pest control signs noticed.

The same goes for shape and size. Keep all your lawn signs uniform to avoid confusion.

Choose Locations Wisely

Once you’ve established where you are allowed to place pest control signs, take the time to research traffic flow in the permitted areas. Areas with heavy traffic may seem ideal, but not if the cars are going too fast for drivers or passengers to see what the sign says. Also, be certain signs are placed correctly where they are most visible to traffic.

Be Unique

While it is important to have readable, uniform pest control signs, it’s also essential to stand out from the crowd. Don’t rely on the same old spider or cockroach graphic your competitors are using. Including something funny or clever (and non-offensive) will grab the attention of potential customers.

Track the Calls

Use a dedicated phone number on display signs to track the number of responses they are generating. Consider using unique contact numbers for signs displayed in different areas or towns for market testing.

Post on Social Media

Take a photo of each recently placed sign and post it on your social media accounts. Be sure to crop out street signs and addresses to protect customer privacy. A simple post about another satisfied customer is sufficient.

Need Help Designing Pest Control Signs for Your Company?

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